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Frequently asked questions

Crypto Cashback Coin is a free shopping and savings club that rewards members for shopping online in any crypto coin of their choice.

Our partner merchants pay us a percentage of the total spend for referring customers to them. Furthermore, we invest those funds in crypto assets as a fund which we then use to rewards our members.

No, we never allow anyone to access our members data. Our DAO policy strictly prohibits the selling of data and information belonging to our members.

Crypto Cashback Coin has never undertaken an Initial Coin Offering, nor are we planning one at this stage. This is a strategic decision made in order to grow the DAO project value organically based on real world business models and valuations rather than inflated ones. However, you can hold a stake in the project by holding CCC:Coin or one of our other coins such as CCC:Gold or CCC:Silver.

Since day one we have set out to be a global crypto cashback service. However, some of our merchants are geo-based, such as UK or US only. Our priority is to add global merchant partners first. If you find a merchant that is not on our website do not hesitate to let us know and we will seek to add them.

No. Crypto Cashback Coin platform is designed to be user-friendly so it is simple and easy to log-in and click out to your merchant of choice. However, you might need to read our “How To” instructions if you don’t have a crypto wallet for your crypto cashback coins.

We do not sell or engage in any regulated financial services or investment products therefore as a free service that rewards members with donations there is no requirement to be regulated at this point. However, we are a registered company as well as a registered member of the UK’s ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office).

We pay out in any crypto coin of your choice. However, our native platform coin is based on the NEM blockchain (CCC:Coin) therefore you would require a Nano wallet. Furthermore, we strictly do not require or ever ask for your FIAT payment details.

Crypto Cashback Coin (CCC:Coin) is pegged to a dollar stablecoin at a 1=1 rate. However, this is only used for cashback purposes and as a benchmark once it comes to converting to another crypto asset.

Yes, you can exchange your crypto assets from one of the mainstream crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereium or Litecoin back to FIAT using established crypto to FIAT exchange.

We publish the serial numbers of gold and silver that back up our commodity asset coins. Furthermore, it’s reflected in the company’s account records.

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