Our Crypto Fund

We are transparent with our crypto fund's asset management.
The Crypto Cashback Coin is backed by assets that not only hold value but generate cashflow.

Last year we rewarded members
5% for HODLing

From the first day, we set out to build a crypto cashback platform that provides real value to our members. The traditional FIAT based cashback platforms are hard to justify the time involved. Neither did we want to offer another crypto project with millions of coins of little value, that is why we only mint our Crypto Cashback Coins once the real value is produced by our members performing an action that our merchant partner rewards.

We offer more than just a transaction based crypto cashback platform, but provide an intrinsic benefit and value for our members to hold crypto cashback coins rather than withdraw them in any other coin of your choice. This is why we reward member for HODLing in CCC coins. We prioritise the quality of our service and membership over quantity.

Rewards minted


Platform Growth

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Crypto Cashback Coin Fund

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Gold
  • Tether
  • Other Alt Coins

The value of our coin

The fund is backed by a basket of assets which includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, stablecoins such as Tether, predominantly for our crypto lending activities including other stablecoins popular among borrowers. We also hold such assets as gold and silver reserve to back our CCC:Gold and CCC:Silver offering and to hedge against downturns in the market.

Don’t just HODL but earn interest

We lend alt coins over decentralised finance platforms that are open source and based on non-custodial protocol. In human language this means that the decision making and outcomes are based on smart-contract rules which are not liable to centralised mismanagement. If the loan is not re-paid on time or falls below a minimal required value, the crypto based collateral is sold to re-pay the creditors.

Our Alt coin average monthly APY

USDT Coin 6.68%
SNX 12.06%
sUSD 12.76%
DAI 3.46%
Binance USD 4.24%

The average APY is based on the 30 day average last time this page was updated. However the APY rate changes constantly and the above percentage might be different. Our fund’s basket of coins and assets change frequently and might be different to percentages indicated on this page or elsewhere on our website.