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01. Join the Crypto Cashback Coin Platform

Sign up using your Facebook account or enter your details yourself on the sign-up page.
Once you access your welcome screen please confirm your email and authenticate your account by clicking on the email sent you. Please check your spam box.

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Log-in and click out to your merchant of choice.
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02. Any Crypto Coins of your choice

Once you earn your CCC coins by shopping with online retailer of your choice you can exchange your CCC coin for any other crypto coins.
We have a growing number of cryptos listed but if you want a different crypto please message support from your profile.

03. Add your crypto wallet

To withdraw your crypto coins you will need to provide your crypto wallet public address.
Once you submit your request to withdraw your funds or after exchanging CCC coins into any other crypto coins always provide your public crypto wallet address.

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1 CCC coin = $1
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Earn CCC coins and points by referring friends
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Ask admin for any help
No personal info
We never ask for your private crypto address

04. Join Crypto Cashback Coin DAO

By choosing to hold CCC coins you become part of the Crypto Cashback Coin DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation). Future profits will be paid out as dividends to CCC coin holders, as well as possibility to vote on the future CCC DAO strategy.