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‘Klatynphone’ Samsung’s Cryptocurrency Enabled Smartphone

Samsung, the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, is now offering a new cryptocurrency enabled smartphone, “KlaytnPhone”. The phone is a new cryptocurrency-enabled Galaxy Note 10 variant. KlaytnPhone can securely store cryptocurrency private keys through a “blockchain-enabled” mobile service. Extra features include a pre-installed cryptocurrency wallet to allow you to transfer funds with ease as well as view your transaction history.

It’s only earlier this year when Samsung released the Galaxy S 10, its first crypto-friendly smartphone. But the capability of the phone is limited as it can only support Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. But the newest flagship phone the KlaytnPhone can support over 34 cryptocurrencies and 17 decentralised applications (DApps).

About KlaytnPhone

KlaytnPhone is similar to the existing Galaxy Note 10 in matters hardware and packaging. Extra features include a full range of Klatyn transaction services and blockchain applications. Once you buy the KlaytnPhone, you will receive several KLAY tokens to use and familiarise yourself with the phone’s features. KLAY tokens are Klatyn’s native cryptocurrency. Other tokens you can expect on the KlaytnPhone include Bitcoin, Binance Coin, BAT, and many more.

A partnership of Samsung with Ground X Corp, the blockchain affiliate of Kakao Corp, birthed both the Klatyn platform and the KlaytnPhone. Such initiatives that create devices with pre-installed apps and security features will help simplify the learning curve of the blockchain technology. Samsung’s keen interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology saw it file a patent for a “programmable blockchain solid-state drive (SSD)” and even integrated Pundi X’s XWallet app into its blockchain wallet.

KlaytnPhone’s Competition

HTC Corp and Sirin Labs are the other major players who are eyeing a piece of the action in the push for the adoption of blockchain-enabled phones. Apple is also eyeing this technology space. HTC previously launched HTC Exodus which features support for multiple blockchain. Sirin Labs launched Finney in 2018 as a blockchain phone that features its cold storage and DApp ecosystem.

How Much Does KlaytnPhone Cost?

Samsung is selling the KlaytnPhone at $1,000 along with Klatyn’s Klay tokens of an equivalent amount. Having recently added the “Samsung Coin”, Samsung is also developing its blockchain network based on Ethereum and recently invested $3 million in Ledger, a cryptocurrency wallet startup. Allowing consumers to buy smartphones with built-in cryptocurrency features will hasten the pace of adoption as there’ll be a lower barrier to entry for the marginal users getting closer to using cryptocurrencies.

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