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Crypto Cashback Coin does not require your financial information, only your public crypto address which reduces transaction costs and increases security and trust in our platform.

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We help you to 10X your cashback

Earn rewards not like any other cashback service but boost your earnings by re-investing them in crypto coins that could potentially 10X them.

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Forget traditional cashback

Traditional cashback is difficult to justify unless you make very large purchases. Most often the hard work of remembering to use it, signing in and navigating is too much for the few cents or at most a cup of coffee that the majority earns. Crypto Cashback Coin is also an investment platform into crypto venture companies, funds and many other crypto asset projects.

Cashback from anywhere in the world

From day one we have set out to be a global cashback service provider. Using crypto this enables us to easily transfer crypto cashback coins to any crypto wallet address on the planet. Furthermore, we are adding mostly global merchants with international programmes to allow our members to receive crypto cashback coins from anywhere in the world.

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Get your own crypto assets

You can now own crypto assets from your Crypto Cashback Coin or otherwise known as CCC:Coin. The coin is based on the NEM/XEM New Economy blockchain. Our first crypto assets released on the blockchain are CCC:Gold 10,000 coins supply and CCC:Silver 500,000 coins supply.

Some Crypto Cashback Coin Merchants

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Crypto Cashback Coin does what it says. Saving crypto assets could potentially 10X your cashback rewards. Plus it’s FREE therefore you have nothing to lose. There is no need for private information, unlike bank transfer cashback services.

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