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What is an InterRail Pass?

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InterRail is the equivalent of railpass for European residents.

A Global InterRail pass allows you extensive train travel on scheduled train services of the national train operators across Europe. A single country InterRail pass allows extensive travel in only one country.

InterRail passes were introduced in the early 1970s when the national railways of Europe collaborated to offer rail passes for young people. This allowed them unlimited train travel across Europe.

Today there are children, youth, adult and senior InterRail passes for European residents. InterRail pass is an excellent way to explore Europe with minimal stress, as someone else does the driving. You can buy a Eurail pass instead of an InterRail pass if you live outside Europe.

What’s involved?

An InterRail ticket is perfect for someone seeking to explore. For one month, you can travel freely on Europe’s trains with one ticket. You can visit big cities, white sandy beaches and small mountainside towns. You can seek adventure in the Alps and olive groves on trains that are fast, safe and punctual. With an InterRail pass, you can meet locals and fellow travelers from around the world. If you come across an area that excites you, you can disembark and explore on foot. Assuming you can’t afford a hostel, kip your way across the continent on a night train for zero Euros.

How it Works

An InterRail ticket allows you to board and disembark Europe’s trains free of charge, albeit with some exceptions. You will have to pay in advance if you wish to reserve train seats. In addition, you will have to pay a supplement to travel in a sleeping carriage with bunk beds, or if you wish to sample some high-speed intercity trains. It’s advisable to ask before you board a train to avoid surprises.

The InterRail pass is personal and non-transferable, thus only you have the right to use it. You may have to prove your identity so always carry your passport.

An InterRail pass doesn’t give you the privilege to travel with your pass in your country of residence. However, discounted rail travel is available on presentation of the pass when buying a rail ticket.

Along with your ticket, you’ll receive a special form, where you’ll fill in your journey details before boarding the train.

Tips to Consider

Same as any journey outside your comfort zone, it’s important to be cautious before you embark on such travels. It’s prudent to plan before you consider interrailing. Some of the practical interrailing tips include:

  • Don’t carry excess luggage
  • Consider your luggage realistically
  • Be selective with the people you travel with
  • Always book accommodation in advance
  • Remember to carry your compass
  • Buy souvenirs sparingly
  • Learn a few basic words of the local language
  • Get tips from the hostel staff before exploring
  • Carry comfortable clothing
  • Prepare yourself for long journeys

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